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Welcome to the Minecraft Fanon Wiki
This is the wiki dedicated to providing fan content and stories to for the Minecraft world! Part of the Minecraft Wiki Network.
We currently have 956 articles, 15 active users and 26,709 edits.

Please! Read our Policies before you begin editing!

Current News

  • 7/25/2016:
    Sad My skin head 16 has scrutinized the wiki archives and recovered all of the original news segments from nearly four years ago. All username mentions have been turned into userpage links, but no other text has been altered.
  • 7/24/2016:
    (FOR WRITERS) {{SpoilerText}} has been added, which causes text to be displayed in a box, invisible unless selected, like so: Wow invisible text isn't that cool? for use in hiding spoilers. (edited 7/25/2016)
    (FOR ADMINS) News has been moved to {{MainPageNews}} for easier edits and to avoid non-admins editing.
  • 7/22/2016:
    Sad My skin head 16 has joined the administrator council as the fourth member and most active contributor to the wiki wow Raniero someone's jealous. (edited 7/23/2016)
  • 6/11/2016:
    Due to a very sudden and large influx of spammers/"FAKE"ers, it is suggested to keep from creating/editing fanmade updates. Many people search up future updates on Google, which can cause them to find this wiki. Some mistake it for a legitimate Minecraft news wiki, and begin to spam or yell in the comments before figuring out it's not.

Older news archive

  • 4/1/2013:
    Rguy3 is still alive. No, this is not an April Fools prank. He's seriously still alive.
  • 11/23/2012:
    We have reached our goal of 100 pages! I would like to thank any contributors that have helped with this, especially Rguy3, who has been a great admin, and we are still looking for a third admin! (it should be noted that this request is no longer active, we have four admins now)
  • 10/20/2012:
    Hello! Minecraft fanon wiki is looking for a new admmin! just apply on the apply for admin rights page, and ill approve of it or not!
  • 8/30/12:
    Rguy3 was made the new admin a while ago, should have been marked down... (originally marked as being posted on 9/30/12)
  • 8/18/12:
    Shacho is now gone too, so I don't have an admin....
  • 7/28/12:
    We have joined the minecraft wiki network!
  • 7/14/12:
    News section added to the wiki. (not marked down, kept here for reference)

Contents (view all pages)

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We currently have 81 stub pages, unfinished articles with very little content. Please help the wiki by adding content to these pages!

Active fanfiction series

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Creatures of the Void: A story of Steve and his group of Players, and their journey to conquer and destroy an ancient group of corrupted dimensions, while also chasing after the eight Herobrines and trying to discover the other Players. Written by Sad My skin head 16. Status: Hiatus (Season One finished on 6/30/2016)

Aftermath Minecraftia: The sequel to Destruction of Minecraftia. After Herobrine and his army of Endermen destroyed most of Minecraftia, causing the deaths of billions, the nation of survivors face many threats across their journey to take back their world. Started by Nero (probably). Status: Hiatus, possibly discontinued (has not been added to since 4/8/2014)

The Untold: A cult murder goes awry when the corpse disappears. After retribution by way of a triple homicide, Joe Tertian sets off to solve the case, find the body, and avenge his friends. Written by Sad My skin head 16. Status: active

The Super Amazing Minecraft Fanon Interactive Adventure: The Minecraft Fanon Wiki's first interactive adventure. You write the story as it goes! Featuring automatic link updates, an anti-grief policy, and creativity. Started by Sad My skin head 16. Status: active

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Featured page

Aftermath Minecraftia is this wiki's second group project (the Destruction of Minecraftia was the first). The idea is to write multiple interlocking stories that eventually come together. The main storyline is being worked on by Nero and Majora.

Okay, here's a way to write your contribution, provided you're part of this: Put the page up you made for the project in the related section here, and read the Editorial guide.

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