Minecraft Adventures are the adventures of two best friends, Steve and Pedro.


  • Steve (Human) - A trouble-maker who always gets people around him (especially Pedro) into trouble
  • Pedro (Human) - Steve's best friend whose intelligent and never panics
  • Fido (Dog) - Steve's pet dog who likes to bury bones in Steve's flower beds
  • Mr. Mittens (Cat) - Steve's pet cat who he uses to scare Cooper whose actually a girl and fights Fido. (Steve doesn't know these things)
  • Hamm (Pig) - Pedro's faithful companion who will do anything for carrots
  • Pecky (Chicken) - Steve's pet chicken that loves roosting on his head and lays exploding eggs of yolk
  • Captain Squid (Squid) - Squilliam owns a ship which he uses to transport fish to other places. Steve and Pedro can understand his squinglish language
  • Zet & Yet (Ghosts) - Two mischieveous ghosts that were freed from a huanted house by Steve and can be summoned by him by chanting "Okosamaplento"
  • Bats - Hundreds of bats living in Bat Cave
  • Cooper (Creeper) - Cooper loves to blow things up and is good at football.(Only some creepers die by exploding)
  • Fuse (Creeper) - A dwarf creeper who was a result of the mutant expiriment. Cooper's son by default.
  • Dr.Boom (Creeper) - A creeper scientist who does many experiments. Cooper is his main lab rat.
  • Cal (Skeleton) - Zimby and Arac's best firend, an excellent archer and loves music. Bradly's young brother
  • Zimby (Zombie) - Zimby loves to chase and irritate the villagers but is scared of Ferum
  • Arac (Spider) - A neat spider who like to keep things tidy and clean
  • Crawl (Cave Spider) - Arac's younger brother who like to boss him and others around. One tough spider
  • Redne (Enderman) - Steve and Pedro's sensible friend. Just don't look into his eyes
  • Squish Family (Slimes) - A family of slimes that live in a sea cave (Jiggle-Dad, Sli-Mom, Snop-Boy, Sloppie-Girl, Goo-Baby)
  • Wartina (Witch) - A witch who always messes up spells
  • Farmer John (Villager) - A farmer who's said to make the meanest bread.
  • Thor (Villager) - The village blacksmith who created Ferum
  • Ferum (Iron Golem) - A strong iron golem who'll always keep the village safe.
  • Frosty (Snow Golem) - Frosty is a snow golem who is alway considered weak.Accidenatlly created by Pedro
  • Bradly (Wither Skeleton) - He likes to prank zombie pigmen and upset ghasts.Retired from the Wither's army
  • Commander Zoink (Zombie Pigman) - Supreme leader of the zombie pigmen tribes
  • Rodney (Blaze) - Guard of the nether kingdom who gets very angry easily
  • Boo (Ghast) - A sensitive baby ghast who loves ping-pong
  • The Wither
  • Herobrine


  • Split-Creeper
  • Creepy and Crawl
  • Picnic Panic
  • Cat-astrophe
  • Secret of the Pigmen
  • Which Witch
  • Frenemies
  • Shape-Shifter
  • Going Batty
  • Hamm's Rampage
  • Snow Problem
  • Mutant Madness
  • The Maze
  • Invisible Me
  • Welcome to GolemLand
  • Yolk Wars
  • Steve Vs Pedro
  • Pest of the West
  • Snowmance
  • Steve's Vacation
  • Legend of the End
  • Voided
  • Rise of the Wither

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