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You already have the the TV series but, after a long time waiting, finaly it is here : 


Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither : The Video Game

Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither
Platforms : Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Rating : ESRB : E10+, (Cartoon Violence, Crude Humor), PEGI 7+ (Violence, Fear)
Creator : Magmacore Developement
Release Date : August 2014
Notes :
  • MROTWTVG (abbreviation) may not be hacked by internet users.
  • No cheats allowed, else the game will freeze.
  • This game will not be released in Japan, France & Germany.
  • Don't forget that now, the page is under construction, and my not be edited .
Sequence : Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither


Rana and Mary Witch get kidnapped by the Wither, who gets help of the secret organization B.L.A.C.K. Steve tries to stop the Wither from conquering the world. In the Wither's library, the Wither wants to read a detective novel, until a science book falls on his head. There, the Wither discovers that, by shattering the Crystal Heart, he can summon the Darkness Shield, which will block sunlight from reaching Minecraftia, and will trap every living mob, except the one who summoned it and his family/friends/allies, into mind-control, forcing them to obey B.L.A.C.K, the Wither's army, and, of course, The Wither himself. He breaks the Crystal Heart and each shard is gave in possesion of his army members :

  • One shard is given to Han
  • Another one to Jimmy
  • The third one to Gruedy
  • Yet another piece to Kooky
  • The fifth shard is in possession of Scratchgolem
  • One piece was given to the Enderdragon.
  • The umpteenth was given to the Endercommander
  • A other one to the Ur-Ghast and the Pigman General
  • Admiral Bones, General-Major Gray, Corporal Lightningbolt and Mr. Explosive got the semi-last piece
  • While the Wither had the center piece all the time

After recovering the penultimate piece the Wither reveals himself and he challenges Steve into the final battle. Also, he revives the Ender Dragon and the deceased Ur-Ghast (who was killed in a massacre, of course). The Ender Dragon gets zombified as the Ender Soul while the Ur-Ghast transforms into CSIY4². After defeating CSIY4² and the Ender Soul, the Wither gets defeated as the Darkness Shield gets broken. Later, the Wither is satisfied about hid kids' bad work to defend the shards, and, as a punishment and a plague, they get house arrest for 3 weeks.


A list of levels and worlds in the game :

Grassland (Forest Biome)

  • Tutorial Tuft
  • Easy Start
  • Beware! Danglerfish ! Beware!
  • Your' not Tarazan
  • The Treetops
  • Wonderfull Grassland
  • BOSS : VS Jimmy

Shroom Mountain (Mushroom Biome)

  • Bounce, Pounce and Trounce
  • Mooshroom Encounter
  • Haunted Caves
  • Toad Mine
  • Mount Minecraft
  • BOSS : VS Gruedy

Dark Desert (Desert/Bach Biome)

  • Midnight Thirst
  • Mine and Dig
  • Savanna Rush
  • To the beach
  • Enter the dunes
  • TNT House
  • BOSS : Dark Match with Han

​Snowy Winter Wonterland (Tundra/Cold Taiga Biome)

  • Snow Bunker
  • Skeletal Army
  • Blow up or 'Splode
  • Wolve Trouble
  • High Iceberg
  • Night High Bridge
  • BOSS : Mechanical Encounter with Kooky

Mount Zombie (Extreme hills)

  • Cliff jumper
  • Mount skeleton
  • Sub-boss (mid-boss) : Chef Zombie
  • Cra-Z cliffz
  • The bridge
  • BOSS: Vengefull B.L.A.C.K (4 mini bosses)