This is the story of Steve as he discovers the Metal Crucifix and uses it to battle against the zombies.

Chapter 1: First Spawn

Steve was spawned inside a church in a village called Punchwood Village. The priest who he regarded as his father was killed, and became a kind yet tough boy on the streets of Birchlog Village, another village by Punchwood Village. One day, he helped someone against bullies. But before all these, this is what happened.

He was a baby. As he looked for who spawned him, he suddenly obtained super-speed. He speedily ran down the stairs. Until the priest, Father Testificate, went down in search of Steve. Steve was taken back to bed. Steve was a brat before. He threw a bun of bread at the priest's assistance. Afterwards, the priest's assistance did not like Steve. Until they discovered Steve's superspeed.

It wasn't the beginning. Steve turned into a kid as he ran away from the priest's assistants who were chasing him because he threw a bun. Then on his way to school on his first day, he jumped high over a motorcycle that blocked his way. Father Testificate "wondered" where he had gotten these magical abilities. And after going to school, he was often bullied of his loss of a mother and a father.

Chapter 2: Steve and his Best Friend

The priest was killed. He was brought to Birchlog Village. Until he saw a lot of people bullying someone else. He fought these people. Someone kicked him in the face, turning him and the person he saved into a teenager, and the person that kicked him into... yeah, another teenager. Steve beat him up. TBA