Minecraft: The Second Cycle, sometimes called Minecraft 2 is the sequel to Minecraft. It has a new mode called Quest where it has a story.


0 = Survival

1 = Creative

2 = Hardcore

3 = Adventure

4 = Spectator

5 = Quest


The Ender Dragon is planning to capture the Elemental Crystals and give them to his guardians: The Wither, Eyesickle, Whirlwind, Shocklight, Darkwhip, King Bee, and Daisydoo! You must retain them and defeat the Ender dragon for once!


Daisydoo: Daisydoo is the first boss of the game, and she wields the Overworld crystal. She attacks by spitting Pollen at you and she also spits nectar at you, making you stuck. She can spawn Mini Daisydoos by spitting out Ovules. She has 15 health points and is the easiest boss in the game.

Wither: You all know this guy, and how he looks like. He is the wielder of the Underworld crystal, and he is from the first game. He has 20 health points and behaves the same as he does in the 1st game.

King Bee:





Ender Dragon:

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