Additions[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Hardcore mode
  • Locks the difficulty to Hard and forces users to delete the world upon death
  • The health bar changes appearance to indicate the game is in Hardcore mode
  • 56 new translations
  • Includes fictional languages, such as Pirate Speak, Klingon, and Quenya
  • New settings
    • level-type
    • spawn-npcs
    • generate-structures

World Generation[edit | edit source]

  • Re-added beaches
  • Are now separate biomes instead of Generated Structures

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Status effects
  • Inflicts positive or negative effects on players and mobs
  • Strength and duration
    • Strength boosts effects
    • Duration controls the time of the effect
Item Repair
  • Two of the same tools/weapons that are damaged in crafting will create one repaired tool/weapon
  • Produce potions
  • Wheat attracts and feed animals
  • Feeding animals makes them enter "love mode"
    • Hearts will come out of animals while in love mode
  • Breeding will produce baby animals
    • Smaller versions of the parents with large heads that have faster movement and higher pitched sounds
End Poem/Credits
  • Appears after entering the End portal in the End

World Generation[edit | edit source]

The End
Mushroom island
Nether Fortress
  • Generates in the Nether
End Portal
  • Generates in strongholds
  • At most 12 Eyes of Ender to activate
  • Takes the player to the End.

Blocks & Items[edit | edit source]

Spawn egg

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Ender Dragon
  • Boss mob
  • Spawns only once in the End
  • Only spawns in mushroom islands
Snow Golem
  • Can be crafted
  • Melts in hot biomes
  • Spreads snow around when it walks
  • Passive, but throws snowballs at enemies
Magma Cube
  • Hostile Nether mob
  • Behaves similarly to slimes
  • Hostile Nether mob
  • Flies and throws fireballs at players

Changes[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • /give can now set the damage value of the wanted item (/give <playername> <item> [amount] [metadata] <dataTag>)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Can be used for enchantments
  • Each Experience orb is worth one Score Point.
New achievements
  • Amount of experience orbs dropped by players on death now limited
  • A proper score is given based on how many experience orbs players have collected
Armor system
  • New/improved armor system
  • Increased armor durability
View points
  • Pressing F5 toggles between three states (first person, third person back, third person front)
  • Slight delay between jumps when holding down the jump button
    • Players no longer bounces between ceiling and floor in two-block-high spaces
  • Now moves the player's arm, rather than the sword floating right in front of the player
Sun & moon
  • Sun and moon now rise in the east
  • Moon phases
  • Changed sound

World Generation[edit | edit source]

  • Random loot chests now generate

Blocks & Items[edit | edit source]

  • Labels for items have a blue border
  • Appears larger in third person view when held
  • No longer have an infinite number of uses (385 shots before breaking)
  • Additional bow sounds
  • New sounds
  • Changed material type from "glass" to "stone".
    • A pickaxe is now needed to drop items.
    • Redstone, torches, levers, etc. can now be placed on the block.
    • No longer acts as a redstone vertical (downward) diode.
Water & Lava
  • If water or lava is above a ceiling that is a single block thick, particles of water or lava will drip through, provided the player is within 13 blocks of the ceiling
Flowing Lava
  • When flowing lava hits a water source directly from above, it creates stone
    • Previously, lava would flow through the water
Ender pearl
  • Now able to be thrown
    • The player will teleport to the Ender pearl's impact location, but take 2 and 1/2 hearts of fall damage
    • Unable to be thrown in Creative mode.
Golden apple
  • Now glows purple in the inventory
  • Now connect to solid blocks
  • No longer blocks players from moving onto their space
    • Players can now stand next to them, similar to glass panes and iron bars
Block of Iron
  • Changed texture from [1] to [2]
Monster Spawner
  • Darkened texture
  • Added shear sounds
Weapons and tools
  • Attack damage has been nerfed to make space for the increased damage enchantments (e.g. diamond swords do 3.5 hearts now instead of 5)
  • Tool breaking sounds
Many food textures changed
  • Outlines are no longer dark
  • Added minecart sounds

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Health & armor
  • Amount of blocks able to be carried by endermen is now limited (see here for the list of blocks)
  • True sounds of endermen
  • Improved walking sounds
  • Big slimes (size +4 slimes) have deeper jump sounds
  • True sounds of silverfish
Ghast fireball

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