• Charcoal
  • Note blocks (right click to tune, trigger to play)
  • Dispensers
  • Lapis lazuli block
  • Cake
  • Sugar - Crafted from sugar canes
  • 15 wool dyes
  • Squid, which drops ink sacks
  • New tree types (Birch, Pine)
  • New gray, light gray, and black sheep. Drop correspondingly colored wool.
  • Sandstone
  • Bone Meal - crafted from bones
  • Reeds retconned into sugar canes. They still make paper.
  • Default furnaces given new look
  • Bones now drop from skeletons
  • Tools made out of woodstoneIron ingots, and diamond have increased durability.
  • Gold tools can remove blocks like stone and wood much more quickly than their diamond counterparts, with the same durability and restrictions as before 1.2.
  • Spiders can climb up walls.
  • Spawners again show a rotating model inside of what they spawn in single player.
  • Wheat Seeds are harvested more often when plowing grass blocks.
  • Included the FastRender mod by Scaevolus.
  • Screenshots can be taken using the F2 key without having to first hold down the F1 key.
  • Iron, diamond, and coal are found in larger amounts in caves and other areas
  • Paintings work in multiplayer
  • Disconnecting while riding no longer keeps the player in the world
  • A bunch more state is properly synched in multiplayer
  • Included PowerPC color and audio fixes by Scaevolus.
  • Fixed a horrible chunk reload loop in singleplayer
  • Fixed most lighting bugs in newly generated SMP maps
  • Falling sand behaves better in SMP
  • Fixed a few crash on load level bugs
  • Jack o'lantern now has correct tooltip.
  • Sheep now visibly lose their wool when hit in SMP.
  • Optimized performance
  • Reduced spawn rates a bit
  • No more ghosts at night
  • Redstone repeaters
  • Beds
  • Three new half-size blocks (wooden slab, cobblestone slab, sandstone slab)
  • New Mojang logo splash screen
  • Added whitelisting to the server. To use, enter whitelist <cmd> where cmd is on, off, add <player>, remove <player>, list orreload
  • Graphics settings screen
  • Breaking a block made of two slabs now drops 2 slabs.
  • Slimes have a higher spawn rate
  • Ability to toggle between classic lighting and "smooth" lighting
  • Worlds now use a generic McRegion chunk save format, with built-in auto conversion
  • While starting a new world, players can choose the world's name and seed to generate the world from.
  • More than 5 Worlds possible
  • Scrollbars added in both the texture pack list, and in the map selection screen
  • F1 and F3 are now toggled when pressed.
  • When F3 is toggled on, mobs display their unique entity ID numbers over their heads.
  • F8 toggles mouse smoothing
  • In 3rd person mode, character can be visibly seen to bob side to side when you walk (only when View Bobbing is enabled).
  • Sandstone is now found at the bottom of naturally generated sand.
  • All pressure plates now require two of its materials, instead of 3. Stone slabs are now created by using 3 of the materials
  • Mine time for sandstone decreased.
  • Redstone dust will get darker the farther away it is from a source of power.
  • Fewer passive Mobs when on harder modes.
  • Deleting world confirmation changed slightly.
  • Sulphur renamed back to Gunpowder
  • hen breaking double slabs (one slab placed on another) it will drop two slabs instead of one.
  • Wood and logs don't burn forever anymore.
  • Grassland/Sand-related biome border fixed (Boundaries line up, rather than obviously show chunk borders)
  • No longer receiving Java Log error .txt file spam in the minecraft.exe folder when closing the Minecraft client program.
  • Players can no longer use the click-release to quickly mine blocks (referred to as "click mining"). Note: Only applies to SMP.
  • Players no longer glitch when standing on fences in SMP
  • Players can no longer milk squids.
  • When right-clicking on a wooden door while holding a bow or fishing rod, arrows will no longer be fired into the door, nor will the fishing hook be cast into the door. (?)
  • Hostile mobs can now be attacked properly in SMP
  • Lapis lazuli ore now drops 4-8 Lapis Lazuli Dyes in SMP
  • Bedrock and other blocks cannot be removed by tilling grass or dirt with a hoe and placing seeds anymore.
  • New Minecraft logo (no longer 3D cobblestone blocks).
  • Added Wolves that the player can tame, or kill for no loot.
  • Added Cookies which heal the player for 0.5 hearts.
  • Weather, including rain, snow, and thunderstorms
    • Pigs struck by a lighting bolt become zombie pigmen.
    • Creepers struck by lightning become electrified and will have a much more powerful explosion.
  • Statistics and achievements, which are transferred between worlds
  • Blocks
  • New settings in options:
    • Ability to change GUI size (Small, Normal, Large, Auto).
    • Advanced OpenGL (Occlusion Culling: doesn't render blocks that the player can't "see", helps performance in cards that support it)
  • ⇧ Shift+clicking on something in a chest will immediately move the selected item(s) into your inventory and vice-versa.
  • Birch and spruce trees now drop birch and spruce saplings, respectively.
  • Pigs that die by burning now drop cooked porkchops upon death.
  • Huge performance improvements for old and slow computers.
  • Crafting a ladder now produces 2 ladders to offset the fix of the staggered-ladder exploit.
  • Saplings can now serve as fuel in furnaces; they have the same smelting time as Sticks.
  • Dropped items in flowing water move faster than before.
  • Redstone dust can be placed on snow.
  • Wolves are more common, even in non-taiga/forest biomes.
  • Unarmed damage was increased from 1 ([1]) to 2 ([2]).
  • Pressing Tab ↹ will switch between input boxes.
  • You are only 'on' a ladder (can climb it/fall slowly) if your lower half is in the ladder block, rather than any part of you.
    • It is no longer possible to climb with a one-block gap in a ladder, or a ladder that starts at eye level.
  • On fancy graphics, the sides of grass blocks are now biome-specific and match the shade on the top.
  • Player movement through water has been fixed to previous speed.
  • Wolves' pathfinding now has a better understanding of doors. They will go through doors most of the time, but will sometimes get stuck on the 3 pixel thickness of the door.
  • The lighting on portals and ice has been fixed when using Smooth Lighting.
  • Stairs are no longer transparent to light.
  • On SMP, the health of wolves are now synchronized between server and client, causing wolves to only whimper when low on health, opposed to all of the time.
  • Redstone in off state is red again.
  • Crops hit with water now drop seeds and wheat, as opposed to just wheat.
  • Moving minecarts will continue to move if the world is closed.
  • The Mojang logo is the correct size when Minecraft is maximized.
  • The exploit to make chests three or more side by side by placing a water source and placing a chest in that source has been fixed.
  • ⇧ Shift + F2 doesn't attempt to create massive .tga screenshots, which are more than 1GB in size, anymore.
  • Sugar cane can no longer be placed on any block that is not dirt.
  • Blocks can now be placed on snow.
  • Rain no longer goes through translucent blocks.
  • Pumpkin and jack o'lantern inventory texture now correctly faces forward.
  • Pumpkins are no longer worn backward on the player.
  • Game no longer crashes when rails are placed next to detector rails, or vice versa.
  • Wolves are less common than in 1.5, but still more common than in 1.4.
  • Blocks cannot be placed back into the output slot of furnaces, thus fixing the statistic exploit.
  • If Minecraft detects a broken save file, it will attempt to recover the world.

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