• Minecarts and Minecart Tracks added
  • Gravel and sand fall realistically
  • Falling off bottom of map kills the player
  • Dungeons added
  • Mob Spawners added
  • Saddles added
  • Added Stairs
  • Improved AI
  • Sheep regenerate wool.
  • Caves can be far bigger and more expansive
  • Coal can be found in smaller or larger veins
  • Signs may now be placed on walls
  • Doors have a new icon
  • Mushrooms can grow anywhere in the shade, even on grass
  • New in-hand model/inventory icon for stairs. Is a bit buggy and is not changed until Beta 1.8.
  • LeversStone ButtonsPressure PlatesIron DoorsRedstone OreRedstone Torch and Redstone added
  • Redstone torch, not gates, only signal into blocks above them or next to them
  • Redstone dust won't connect through solid blocks diagonally down
  • Art tweaks to the dust
  • Walking on redstone dust no longer breaks it.
  • Redstone dust now gives off particles.
  • Monster sounds (Before this, they made the sound of the player getting hurt.)
  • Ambient cave noises
  • Winter maps
  • Added Wither
  • Snowballs and snow blocks added
  • Fixed building on snow bug
  • Fixed ice rendering bug
  • Signs no longer require free block above them when placing them
  • Game no longer saves on crashes
  • Snow no longer goes through glass

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