Minecraft: Ouya 0.1.6:

    • First single player creative mode release
    • Stability increase
    • Right click switches between placing and removing blocks
    • "Resetting mobs on level restart. There's no way of killing the mobs now."
    • Huge level test
    • Level saving added for players with accounts.
    • Multiplayer released
    • Players' name shows above their head
    • Chat added
    • Admin commands
    • Reduced bandwidth usage
    • Other minor bug fixes
    • Added /say
    • /setspawn command
    • Chatlog when typing
    • List logged in players when Tab ↹ is pressed
    • Custom skins released
    • Player inventory can be accessed by pressing B
    • /solid command makes Bedrock, only admins can break Bedrock
    • Options page
    • Custom keymappings
    • Each with random armor
    • Mouse button held down to break blocks (cracks cover the surface until it busts)
    • Gathering resources has an animation of block bobbing up
    • 3D anaglyph mode
    • Mob armor
    • Health bar blinks when damage received
    • Health bar
    • Fall damage
    • Lava damage
    • Enemies fall over when killed
    • Arrows deal more damage
    • Limited amount of arrows
    • Skeletons fire arrows
    • Killing skeletons makes arrows drop
    • Able to save and load files
    • Mobs respawn over time
    • Lone mobs die over time
    • Monster fight each other (skeleton shoots something, they battle to the death)
    • Rain
    • Dynamic lighting test
  • New Blocks
  • New Structures
  • Fixes
    • Fixed bug where players had trouble selecting blocks
  • Changes
    • Water is now see-through
    • Faster water flowing
  • New Mobs
  • New Items
    • Arrows

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