Chapter 1: The Beginning

Skylar was walking, past mountains, past trees, past villages, past oceans, and soon saw a boat on the ocean. Skylar jumped in and sailed toward the house which was just in front of the boat. Skylar saw it, displaced instead of normal. She noticed holes 2 blocks tall and 1 block wide. She walked in just to see nothing inside. She mined down the center of her house to see a minecart track making it permanently night. Then, she noticed it turn the blue morning sky to the plain black starry evening sky. She was surprised and immediately went back up, fearful that she might get cursed or killed when she stopped the track function. She checked outside to see no skeletons, no creepers, and no nightly mobs, none except for more than 300 zombies. Most were aiming for Skylar, some toward Crystal , some targeting Fawn and some as "iron" for "magnet" Lexi. The four girls were staring at the zombies, all until they saw loads of villagers fleeing into the wrong direction, making them completely trapped and infected. As Skylar ran out of the house, she killed zombies using the "Razorcrafter Sword", a ruby sword with a quartz rod instead of the normal wood stick, and it was mainly enchanted with the highest levels of Smite, Bane of Arthropods and Sharpness (it was crafted with those enchantments). The Razorcrafter Sword killed the most zombies, unlike the rest's iron swords. Since how it was crafted was a blessing from Notch, the rest asked for the crafting recipe. Instead, he didn't mind them and continued slicing zombie heads and arms off. The sword sparkled. Crystal was jealous, but the rest were not. While everyone was sleeping Crystal went into to Skylar's room and kidnapped her! She dug down and made a cage putting Skylar in it but it wasnt too far down in the ground! Crystal was now a trador. Crystal gave Skylar to the Endermen for 200 ender pearls! When Skylar woke up she found herself surrounded by Endermen and they made her their slave! 7 years later a handsome yongman came and killed all the Endermen and saved Skylar. The boy's name was Sam. He brought her to his house and treated her as if she were his sister. But the last thing Skylar remembered from that day was "Don't worry."

Chapter 2: "Delta"

The sword was doing hack-and-slash by itself when it pulsated and launched a non-solid letter D toward Steve, and the sword followed the non-solid D, and landed onto Steve's hand.

Note: Pretty short chapter, huh? ( this has nothing to do with the first chapter!)

Chapter 3: COMING SOON

Coming Soon!