Mineador was the largest kingdom in Minecraftia's history.


Edwardo Notchio, a pigman, decided to try and build a kingdom 10,000 years before the events of Minecraftia today. He and his pigman tribe cleared the forests and began building. 10 years later, man had evolved from pigmen,  and 10,000,000 men and women built Mineador, with help from early human settlers. In twenty years, Mineador was complete, with 100 towers reaching as high as the clouds, stone walls impenetrable to get through, and was home to the Man Infantry, the most powerful infantry ever. It had 1,000,000,000,000 houses inside the kingdom. It was 10,000 acres.


Minecraftia's seas suffered a major rise. A flood overflowed the land. An old man and his family, on a boat or raft, were blown by the wind to a certain mountain. He stayed there and sent a crow to search for land, but it returned without finding any. Later, it brought back a leaf from a certain biome, and the old man knew the water was abating.

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