Mine-craft: HARDCORE is a 2007 television series that aired on CBS for a total of 188 episodes In It's 9 Year Run By The Network. It Premiered on September 5, 2007 and Concluded On May 22, 2015.                                                                



Originally Season 1 Was Supposed To Consist of 24 Episodes but Due To The Strike It Conisted of 20 Episodes. 


===SEASON 1 (2007-08)

1x01- Pilot (Aired: September 5, 2007) 76.99 Views 1x02: Mine (Aired: September 12, 2007) 44.36 Views 1x03: Creeper (Aired: September 19, 2007) 65.32 Views 1x04: Got The Chills! (September 26, 2007) 72.39 Views 1x05: Moans (Aired: October 3, 2007) 48.47 Views 1x06: TBA

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