The Mighty Med Mod is a mod for Minecraft.

How it works?

This mod adds your favourite Mighty Med characters to Minecraft.

Comes with

  • Spawn Kaz (775)- Can run very fast when harmed
  • Spawn Oliver (566)- Can spawn anywhere he wants.
  • Spawn Skylar (511)- Can set lightning.
  • Spawn Gus (210)- Can provide his spawn.
  • Spawn Horace (367)- Can be tradable.
  • Spawn Megacortex (447)- Boss mob
  • Mighty Potion (455)- You can kill Megacortex in one second if drunk.
  • Mighty Sandwhich (454)- Heal if eaten.
  • Lab-type building- Where all mobs spawn.
  • The Mighty Portal- The Mighty Med Lab, but covered in a flat world of red and blue wool. Place 14 iron blocks and use flint and steel to go to this world.

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