Type of Block Food
Stackable? Yeah (Max 16)
Tool Used None
Obeys Physics? 25px-No
Luminosity 25px-No
Transparency 25px-No

Meatballs would be a food in Minecraft, released in 1.10.

Obtaining & Crafting

Raw Meat drops from cows, and this can be put into a furnace for Cooked Meat. Putting 8 Cooked Meat in a square shape like this will give you 5 Cooked Meatballs:

NOTE: M = Meat, + = Empty Space.

M +


You could also do this with Raw Meat which will give you 5 Raw Meatballs, and then the Raw Meatballs can be cooked to get Cooked Meatballs. 1 Cooked Meatball restores 2 hunger, and so 5 would restore 10 hunger. Raw Meatball gives the user Nausea and Poison for 20 seconds, and restores 0 hunger, so not worth eating.

Italian Bread

If you put 1 Bread in the middle slot in a crafting grid, you get 1 loaf of Italian Bread. Eating this directly after you eat Meatballs gives you strength for 10 seconds and fullness for 1 minute.


If you put wheat in a furnace you get spaghetti strings. You need to put the spaghetti strings on top of a bowl in a crafting grid and you get a Bowl of Spaghetti. Eating this right after Meatballs gives you speed for 30 seconds. Hey, it doesn't give you fullness, that's good, but at the cost, the buff time is cut in half. So...

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