The MaxPack SMP was originally created by Kricken and Dul. Though started as modded survival for the two. It became it to more. With numerous mods in the modpack the ending is unexpected.



Members Date Joined # of Ep. Reasons For Leaving
Kricken 01/25/14 (1-
DulJuice 01/25/14 (1-
Acidic_Blitzz 02/27/14 (1-17) Explored Most Mods
Tazreese 03/01/14 (1- Low Views
Thinknoodles 03/18/14 (1-2) Unknown Reasons
NoahcraftFTW Unknown 0 Unknown Reasons
SGC_Barbierian Unknown 0 Unknown Reason


  • This is Kricken and Dul first modded survival
    • Kricken and Dul also are the founder
  • This is also Think's first modded MC
    • Think is the oldest members
      • Tazreese Thumbnail
      • Justin Thumbnail
      • Dul Thumbnail
      • Kricken Thumbnail

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