The Magical War was a period of two years between Bob and Herobrine's fight in the Nether, which lasted the same period in time. The magical Light and Dark warriors are forced to call in war with magic within it, therefore starting the Magical War. Every Light and Dark warriors gained soldiers by inflicting to them the Light or Dark magical spell, which turns people into the warriors of their respective type. Until both armies had 999,999,999 warriors, and they fought. There were scientists which used potions to fight, paintball players which used paintball guns, and normal soldiers that used magic spells. Everyone was in trouble. Light won against dark. The Light Warriors won, as well as Bob aganist Herobrine. The Dark Warriors had to retreat with Herobrine, and they were gone several years as the Light Warriors were. Bob is, as usual, relaxing in his house, shielding himself with light magic this time. RIGHT NOW. And every day until someone rings his doorbell and asks him to wake up.

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