"Loreniverse" is a mythological place. It may exist or not. According to the myth's creator, it contains comforting things and of course dangers. There are comfort zones that consists of icy stars and planets, and danger zones that consists of stars and planets containing lava. Unique to its comfort zones are white shiny chests that contain gold, iron, diamond and rarely emeralds. Sometimes, buckets of water, ice and more rarely armor, tools and swords can be found. Unique to its danger zones are black rusty chests that contain zombie spawn eggs, creeper spawn eggs, primed TNT block forms and rarely fire charges. Sometimes, buckets of lava, netherrack and more rarely pumpkins and snowballs can be found.

Dimensions (template)
Nether-based: Collother | Darkness Dimension | Nether (Minecraft: A New Start) | The Quether | The Underworld | Voidwarp Nether | Withus

End-based: The End | Voidwarp End

Void-based: Between-space | Discarded Plane | Pocket Dimension | The Ether | The Void (Minecraft: A New Start) | Voidwarp Corruption | White Void

Overworld-based: Carboniferous Dimension | Celestis | Clay Dimension | DESOLΛCE | Devonian Dimension | GolemLand | Marsreegana | Misty Graves | Parather | The Alter | The Snare | Upside-Down Dimension | Voidwarp Mine

Sky Dimension-based: Dream Dimension

Space-based: Internal And Outer Space | Space | Spawner System

Voidwarp: Voidwarp Corruption | Voidwarp End | Voidwarp Mine | Voidwarp Nether

Gateway Dimensions: The Matrix Dimension | Universal Gateway

Miscellaneous: Aqua Dimension | Loreniverse | Minecraft Reality (is a megapage with many dimensions) | Nowhere | Stickman Dimension | Twisted Dimension

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