Little Web
Little Web is an Overworld boss from Minecraft: A New Start. It is a huge mutant-like spider with 200hp (100 whole hearts). Little Web can only be spawned once you have killed 30 spiders, 20 cave spiders and defeated The Hive.

In order to summon Little Web 2 cobwebs have to be place on each other with a spider head on top. Once built, right-click it with the Enchanted Spider Soul which will cause the message "You hear the uncomfortable sound of hissing and crawling" to appear in chat and Little Web will spawn.

He is immune to poison and will be hostile no matter what time. He leaves a trail of cobwebs behind and can also poison you. He is extremely fast. His main tactic is to shoot a cobweb wall at you and then either bite (3dmg) or a smack down with his front legs (4dmg). You will also get 'Disgusted' effect which will only go once you defeat him. Disgusted prevents you from using Speed and Night Vision potions and eating/drinking will take longer time. It also prevents you from getting too far from him. 

Spider spawn rates will also increase making it seem only spiders spawn. Like regular spiders, Little Web has a weakness to Bane of Arthropods. 

Once defeated, Little Web will drop spider eyes, string, fermented spider eyes, cobwebs and a Spidermask. The spidermask makes arthropods do less damage, allow you to climb walls and increase your FOV (cannot be changed in options).