(This Is After Little Kelly Can Talk)

TinyTurtle: (standing right outside the school then gets a phone call) Hello? Who is this? .:Cupid. TinyTurtle: Cupid? The Cupid? Cupid: It's About Little Kelly... TinyTurtle: (Confused) Ok... Cupid: She's Due For A Crush... TinyTurtle: What?!? (Cupid Hangs Up) TinyTurtle: I Need To Tell LittleLizard!

TinyTurtle: LittleLizard, I Have Some Big News!

TinyTurtle: The Real Cupid Just Called Me, And He Said Little Kelly Is Due For A Crush!

LittleLizard: Should We Tell Her

TinyTurtle: Probably Not

(Tiny Calls Cupid Again)

TinyTurtle: who will little Kelly have a crush on?

Cupid: Eh, Studk Beetween Doctor Steve and Hulk

TinyTurtle: Doctor Steve, probably, because hulk will crush kelly by hugging her.

Cupid: ok, then it's doctor steve.

(15 min later)

(and class has started)

(Little Kelly Takes a 5 second stare at doctor Steve)

(Looks Away)

(Little Kelly Stares At Doctor Steve Again And Cheeks Get Red)

TinyTurtle: Little Kelly, are you daydreaming?

Little Kelly: sorry, just staring

(more coming soon)

( is a pedo)