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Main Leader(s)

  • Lord Morpher,the leader of the Trolls altogether and in total (has command over all the Trolls)

  • Wipeout, he's a Wither Skeleton and the secondary antagonist of Season 3. He's also the hidden main antagonist of the Crossover episode (Lord Morpher and Wither are secretly behind him) and the tertiary antagonist of Season 4, then one of the main antagonists of Season 5 (he is the second in command of Lord Morpher)
  • Admiral Ford,leader of the Skeletal Remnants
  • Lord Blowuphead,the new leader of the Trollinators
  • Lord Flame,the new leader of the Leauge of Dragons
  • Lanimirc,the leader of the Spider Army,her name is Criminal backwards
  • Gang,the leader of the Monster Criminals
  • Captain Pulverem,the leader of Tag Company
  • Mr. Wings,the leader of the Leauge of Dragons
  • Sir Trollface,the leader of the Trollinators,he is a human,and also leads the Probe Army,Mecha Army and Clone Army
  • General B,the leader of the Skeletal Guardians,he is a skeleton
  • King Probehead,the leader of the Probe Army
  • Professor Teal,the leader of the Green Agents,he is a skeleton
  • Thunderbolt,the leader of Thunderbolt's zombie army,Thunderbolt's Squidman army and Thunderbolt's Robot army
  • Breakabout,a wither skeleton and Wipeout's second in command
  • Cubean,a slime field marshal
  • Captain Forge,one of Admiral Ford's officers

  • Thunderbot

Thunderbolt's robots

  • Squidbot,a robot used for marine combat
  • Tablebot,a transportation robot
  • Redbot,a robot that is used for security
  • Craftbot,a robot that crafts things
  • Archerbot,a robot that has a Plasma Bow
  • Thunderbot's clones,a robot series that look exactly like Thunderbot


  • Probe Mark I,standard combat probes
  • Probe Mark II,more advanced combat probes
  • Probe Mark III,an advanced combat probe
  • Probe Mark IV,an extremely advanced probe that can command all other probes,King Probehead was a Mark IV
  • Mecha Mark I,a standard mecha
  • Mecha Mark II,a more advanced mecha
  • Mecha Mark III,a mecha designed for air combat
  • Mecha Mark IV,a mecha designed for space combat
  • Mecha Prime,a 50-ft tall mecha that can take on entire ships by itself

  • Agent Wither
  • Agent Pigman
  • Agent Zombie
  • Robert
  • Ender Dragon II

  • Boney Spy,skeleton spies
  • Zombie Cowman,cow versions of Zombie Pigmen
  • Squidman,anthropomorphic versions of squid
  • Trollinator Knights,Trollinator infantry
  • Sir Trollface Clones,the troops of the Clone Army
  • Chemically-Enhanced Zombies
  • Chemically-Enhanced Skeletons