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This is a list of The Craftverse characters that are minor or recurring.


Priests of the Overworld


  • Bank Teller,he tried to stop the Trolls from stealing from the bank but ran away when a skeleton started shooting at him
  • Roseline,she is a civilian
  • Sean,he is Roseline's friend
  • Casey,she is Roseline's friend
  • Katie,she is Sean's friend
  • Larry,he works at a coffee shop
  • Gerald,he works at the pet shop
  • Mark,he works at the toy shop
  • Aaron,he is seen walking around The City
  • Carl,he works at the pet shop
  • Robert,he is seen walking around the city,he is not the criminal of the same name
  • Luke,he is seen walking around the city
  • Jenny,she is seen walking around the city
  • Alex,he works at the food court