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  • Angrydroideka10


  • Field Marshal (leads an Field Unit)
  • General (leads an Army)
  • Colonel (leads a Regiment)
  • Major (leads a Battalion)
  • Captain (leads a Company)
  • Lieutenant (leads a Platoon)
  • Squad (leads a Squad)

Types of Units

  • Assault,a normal attack army
  • Artillery,an army usually used for bombings or TNT launching
  • Tank,an army mostly composed of tanks
  • Vehicular,an army mostly composed of vehicles,paratroopers and jet troops


  • OverloadArmy 1st Field Unit,Field Marshal Ske-Tar

  • OverloadArmy 1st Artillery Army,General Tez-Uio

  • OverloadArmy 2nd Artillery Army,General Ahb-Mh

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