Darkness is the Glory of the end, and we will purge worlds to make it dark, for those worlds will be gifts to the greater darker one.
-Ender Lord Malice

The Ender Legions Basic info.

Ender Legions otherwish known as Legions of Ender are a large force of Ender warriors and creatures. they are known raid minecraft worlds and other unknown realms, however not much legions are still around today, mostly do to being purged and destroyed.

Legion at battle

Legion at battle with humans

Legions of Ender

Realm Enders Legion

The Realm Enders are the biggest and strongest legion known to date. they raid many worlds and realms and are usally are the victors of every battle. however Warriors of Cyan has some how won againest the legion many times. They are around 50,000 Warriors to date.

Notable History

1st Raid on the Nether Realm: The Powerful and deadly Realm Enders have raided the dark and evil realm known as the Nether, they attacked the Great Nether Forces and destoryed a large amount of there shrines to the Nether God. however leaving as the victors the End was attacked by a Nether Warband.

Raid on the Wither Realm: Unknown, believed to be a victory for the Realm Enders.

Raid of the Greenian City: They fight the secret and powerful city of Greenian, were the elves lived and studied there long and great history, the Realm Enders Destroyed the city and burned the elves to noting but ash. however the human showed and destoyed 1/4th of there legion.

Dragons Scales

the Dragon Scales Legion are the might of the Ender Dragon, known to be a smaller legion, they are quite skilled in dark magic and other powerful magics. sadly not much is known about the legion.

Ender Crusaders Legion

The Ender Crusaders are a powerful and deadly legion using mighty weapion and skills they are known to destroy everything and leave noting behind.


Enders Will: Fighting against the human race they assault the gate of notch, a special and powerful gate that was made by notch himself. they destroyed the gate and purged a large amount of the a Powerful City. however lost the battle when they failed to kill the king of the kingdom.

Battle of good and evil

A Knight battling a Human Paladin.

Roles of Ender Legions.

Roles of a Ender Legion a is very important, many legions raided like wild beasts and were destroyed because of it.

Ender Lord: The Ender Lord is the person who controls a legion.

Ender Dark Mage: A Ender Dark Mage is a dark and evil mage that can call for the powers of the end and use it as a weapion, he can summon a large amount of creatures and use a large amount of dark magic. they are also known to become demon masters as will, however is not known all that will.

Simple Roles:

Simple Roles are not important or affect the legion.

Knight: A more power Warrior

Dark Mage: a Mage of dark powers.

Warrior: A normal Fighter who can die fast.

Archer: The Bow and Arrow user.

Notable Ender Legion Members

Malice: Leader of the Dragon Scales and helped in the Enders Will Crusade.

Malice's Bodygraud

Malice's Bodyguard lost within a cave.