Nidarc, like his older brother Herobrine, has a legend. This is how Nidarc came to be.

Chapter 1: The Birth of Darkness

One day, Herobrine was walking around whe he found a golden glowing cookie. Herobrine reached for it but Steve got it first. Steve took a Nether Star modification that is white with blue borders and threw the Nether Star at Herobrine. Herobrine stopped his eye glow and darkness lurked and conquered the whole world. Herobrine duplicated in resistance to darkness.

Chapter 2: Coming of Night

Night came, and darkness still conquered the world. The darkness twisted on a point Herobrine was before his run to the golden glowing cookie. The cookie got taken by that point and turned the cookie into a heart pumping lava. The darkness covered the lava heart and gave it 19 hearts. This turned into a completely black person with red hands and feet and red liquid-like lines stretching from the hands to the wrists and the feets to the uppermost part of Steve's shoes. Nidarc is born without eyes.

Chapter 3: Eye Pop

As the sun rose, the part where Steve's eyes were on Nidarc started reddening. When it came to full red, it started glowing like a siren. It stopped glowing much like a turned-off light bulb. Nidarc, as he walked toward Herobrine, sparkled with red and black Nether portal particles. Nidarc built an End fortress made of obsidian and an End Portal inside the fortress. Herobrine knew Nidarc was part of the End while he was part of the Nether. Steve put up his sword, ready to fight the two evil brothers. Steve ran for Herobrine who dodged every slash. Steve ran for Nidarc who jumped up and landed on Steve's head. Nidarc took Steve's sword and used it to stab Steve. Steve, before Nidarc stabbed him, choked Herobrine. Herobrine's eyes glowed again, darkness vanished, night is still there and Nidarc hit Steve with an obsidian sword. As Nidarc slashed Steve, Steve choked Herobrine harder. Herobrine made Steve down unconscious through his eyes and Nidarc failed to slash Steve.

Chapter 4: Appearance Change

Nidarc's appearance changed, having Ender Eye-colored eyes, purple bolts beside his head and purple lines instead of red. Nidarc also also created a purple egg design on his back. Nidarc turned his particles to purple, dark purple and black. Nidarc saw the shining eyes of Herobrine and the near-noon sun and Nidarc vanished into a 2x2 pixel dot made out of purple and black pixels. He moved away as Herobrine dissolved into the Nether.