Since Lapis doesn't have any other uses, it needs to be made into armor and weapons.
Lapis Armor and Weapons

The former Lapis Lazuli Armor and Tools.

Tools and Sword Lapiz Lazuli

The new Lapis Lazuli tools and sword.



Info about the armor.


Lapis Helmet - 1 and a half heart

Lapis Chestplate - 2 hearts

Lapis Leggings - half a heart

Lapis Boots - 1 heart


Lapis Helmet - 10 hearts

Lapis Chestplate - 8 hearts

Lapis Leggings - 8 hearts

Lapis Boots - 7 hearts


Lapis Boots - 2+ to normal speed + fall damage -2 hearts


Info about the weapons.

Damage Rate

Lapis Sword - 3 hearts

Lapis Shovel - 2 hearts

Lapis Pickaxe - 3 hearts

Lapis Axe - 2 hearts

Lapis Hoe - 1 heart


Lapis Sword - same as wooden sword

Lapis Shovel - same as wooden shovel

Lapis Pickaxe - 3 more blocks than wooden pickaxe

Lapis Axe - 40 blocks

Lapis Hoe - same as wooden hoe

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