Yes, all will crumble to dust and ashes with the teamwork of that fool Zoxoaxe who thinks I'm a mere servant. Soon, my power will be unleashed, and me and my brother will rule, watching houses being destroyed, watching people get killed, a dream come true, but a nightmare for them.
Lairobrine is Herobrine's twin brother, and the main antagonist of The Story of Minecraft.



Extremely little is known about Lairobrine. At some point, he came to "work" for Zoxoaxe and "aided" him in destroying Rosebud Village.


As above, little is known of Lairobrine. He seems to share his brother's love of evil, and pretends to work for Zoxoaxe to get him to trust in him.

Powers and Abilities

It is unknown what powers Lairobrine possesses. It is likely he is either not as powerful as Herobrine or equaled, or he wouldn't be "working" for Zoxoaxe.


  • More will be known of Lairobrine later in the story called "The Story of Minecraft".
  • Lairobrine has a keyhole in the back of his head, behind his hair. This is the only true way to distinguish him from Herobrine.