The Union of Sovereign Laaos (Laoni: Picketine Jedne Glibave [PJG], transliterated as Oak Town by Minecraftians), was the largest and most powerful country of the Northern Hemisphere of Minecraftia.

Destruction of Minecraftia

Before Destruction

Oak Town was a relatively small town in the strange and dangerous land of Minecraftia. It was the home of Bleek and Alexander. For it's small size, it was surprisingly successful and populated. It was founded by the Cyan Shirt League, which was created by Steve and Cody a few years before Oak Town's destruction.

Assault on Oak Town

Oak Town was attacked by the Nether Army during the DoM Storyline. Bleek, Alexander and the rest of the group managed to escape the destruction by hiding in a basement, but were almost caught by a Pigman that wandered in.

After Destruction

Despite making up around half of the defense force during the Destruction War, Laaos was still destroyed partially. North-eastern Kulnev Manor, and the Laoni Far East handled Doomsday fairly well though, and was able to recover in seven hard years of labor. Although all of the major cities and Laoni bases stationed in the area were ransacked, the isolated population lived mostly outside these areas, and the vast wilderness surrounding them allowed much of the population and government to escape the radioactive fallout. After the war the surviving population slowly began to come into contact with each other.

The Darknessss Lisssstenssss canon

In The Darknessss Lisssstenssss…, a Villager is fleeing from a Creeper to get back to Oak Town, only to be killed by Herobrine and the resurrected Creeper before he can get there.

Herobrine's Revenge

In Herobrine's Revenge, Oak Town was built atop the stronghold from The Cyan Shirt League and was damaged by the explosion of the stronghold and the mysterious appearance of Herobrine. The village library was later blown up by a Creeper, presumably a servant of Herobrine, killing the librarian Mr. Wilson, and afterwards the entire town was destroyed by an army of hostile mobs, mainly Endermen, Zombies and Creepers and presumed to be lead by Herobrine. One of the only survivors was a young Testificate named Matt.