Outsiders are forbidden! Trespassers shall know suffering like never before by the hand of The Baron! You venture here at your own peril......Beware.

Kulnev Manor by Raniero

In the mysterious biome in the east of Minecraftia, there is a land shrouded in mystery. Located within the immense wilderness of the high ground of the east, close to the mountain ranges & rivers that result in lakes & the ocean, this massive structure stands on prime of a rocky hill close to the mountainous tract, wherever it faces each the sunrise and the sunset. Placed in one among the purest regions of all Minecraftia. The land itself is shrouded in mystery as the owner of the Manor is as well. Its location is unknown to most of the world. No longer marked on any known map made by man today, except the ancient maps made by the Ancient Gods long ago. It has sat undisturbed by outsiders for ages, and for good reason.

The manor alone stands over eight stories tall since it was built from the inside of the mountain to its surface. Making it one of the largest structures in the land and one of the largest homes made by man. Created as the stronghold & the home of "The Baron" bloodline over 500 years ago, it is also one of the oldest structures still standing today. It's very walls have never been breached. It's appearance looks as if it was made just a few years ago. But it's eerie presence is all but enough to keep outsiders from intruding the manor and the land surrounding it.

As it is proclaimed & kept safe by the authority of the bloodline. Now, the manor belongs to the most recent man to be entitled the Baron....Baron Erik Kulnev. It is this very manor where he resides. He has claimed the ancient manor as his base of operations. With the Baron's own genius, he has turned this once proud stronghold into a war fortress. It's walls are heavily defended with advanced diamond weapons' technology. Among one of the most advanced of the world technology. Here the Baron thrives as the "King" of this land. With his own servants who do his bidding, known as the Dream World Believers, Kulnev reigns supreme & with an iron fist.

Inside the castle, Kulnev holds many of his experiments & operations deep in the bowels of the mountain in an advanced laboratory & base of operations. Here, he constructs plans to aid his own agendas. The mountain is also one of the three strongholds which home a portal to the Dream World.

The castle is also home to a large battle fortress & arena for his Believers to train. Those who come to challenge & to fight are taken through a series of battles. The final battle is a match between The Baron himself. But be warned.......No one has ever defeated The Baron.

Long Live The Baron...