The King Sethmumu is the king of  The Mumu Village

King Sethmumu
Vital statistics
Title King
Gender Male
Race White
Faction None
Health 1000
Level 900
Status King of The Village of Mumu
Location The Village of Mumu
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Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}

He is the chosen one (Chosen by Notch) to defeat Herobrine and the mobs. Though,since Herobrine wants to take over the End,The End has gone to the good side to defeat Herobrine (And the mindcontrolled mobs)

Chapter 1---The Note

Sethmumu finally wakes up. "I wonder whats in the mail" Said Sethmumu.

"From: Notch:  Dear Sethmumu,

Sethmumu,I have chosen you to be the one to fight Herobrine and the Nether,The End has joined us to defeat Herobrine. I picked you because of your knoledge about redstone and TNT Lauchers. Also could you fix the article about me on Wikipedia,It got vandilised by someone. I kinda hate Wikipedia sometimes,also DONT PASTE THIS NOTE ON WIKIA!

"Ok?" Sethmumu says to himself. "Sky!,Antvenom!,Honeydew and Xephos! I made copies of this note sent to me. Here" Everyone reads the note "Israphel?" The Yogscast says. "Uh Oh" Sethmumu says.

Chapter 2---The Nether

Everyworked hard to get the 8 peices of obsidian to make a Nether Portal,Finally everybody got some obsidian for the portal,except Sky,he just got some gold stuff,but we needed armour. "Go,Go,Go!" Sethmumu said. 

"Later!" Honeydew said (Some cut for language). The Nether was darker than usual,we coudnt see! All the Ghast started firing at us,but it lit up the place a little. Some Ender Creepers (Not my idea!) came and blew up some ghast. Now we knew the End was good. After that was done we all screwed the Nether (Try to figure out what were refrincing too! Hint: Yogscast Song) Then,Herobrine punched me in the face very hard,almost knocking me out!

"Ow" I said. "Lets go to my village to heal" I said

 Chapter 3---The Video Game Portal

"AHHH" Everybody but me said. "What?" I said. "Oh" The whole village got destroyed by the Wither and Herobrine. "The butter (gold) is still there" Sky said. "So?" I said. Sky attacked me. "WOAH,AHH" Everybody said. "Herobrine!" I said. "Im getting sucked in!" Everybody got sucked in."Woah,so 8-bit." Everybody said. "Hello" ??? said "Mario?" I said "Yes" Mario said. "Who are you!" Luigi said. "This is Antvenom,Honeydew,Sky,Lewis,and Notch,WAIT NOTCH?" I said. "Yes its me" Notch said.  "Could you help me with Bowser?" Mario and Luigi said.  "Sure" I said. Meanwhile at the Koopa Castle. "Hahaha!' "The Mario Bros will pay" Bowser said. "Really?,you've lost about 9,000,000 times" Kamek said "Shut up! Or ill fire you!" Bowser said. "Ok,ok!" Kamek said. "Ok,Ive got my bow ready,FIRE!" Everybody fired at the Koopas. "Hey,look the doors opening" I said. Bowser fires a flame at us. "AHHH,IM FLAMING!" Notch said. "UP,UP,DOWN,DOWN,A,B." Mario said. Everybody got 800 lives. "Ha,cheats are awesome." Luigi said. "Notch laid some TNT,MOVE!" The TNT exploded,callopasing the roof on Bowser,destroying him. "Mario,your ways are so Nine-teen eighty five-like." I said "Goodbye" Mario said.

About this series.

This is part of The Sethmumu Corperation.



Sethmumu (talk) 22:23, October 9, 2013 (UTC) 

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