For the post-attack version of the city, see Corruptis.

Ke'ena Kapu, referred to as Citadel by a small portion of its inhabitants since 1215 CE, is a city located in Hestion.




After the raid and eventual collapse of North Mindeavor in 1085 CE, approximately ten thousand people set out to find new land, in a group known later as the Pioneers of Rain.

Story Appearances

Organized chronologically. Contains spoilers!

  • Pioneers of Rain: At the end of the series. After Joseph Elduron's expedition south in search of land to be settled, the Pioneers discover a giant sprawling plain, with quick access to a giant river, the ocean, and the forest not far behind. They begin to build what eventually becomes Ke'ena Kapu.
  • The Untold: The entirety of the storyline takes place within Ke'ena Kapu.
  • Creatures of the Void: Alex was born in Ke'ena Kapu eight years before the Corrupting by Worian Fratier, after which she lives on her own as a player until discovering Samuel and Jennifer and taking residence in a Tube Cave on a beach not far from Ke'ena Kapu, which is now the Corruptis. Steve and Alex become trapped in the Corruptis for the latter half of season one before their climactic fight with Muriminus, Keaton, and the Omnibrine.

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