For the post-attack version of the city, see Corruptis.

Ke'ena Kapu, referred to as the Citadel by a small portion of its inhabitants since 1215 CE, is a city located in Hestion.




After the raid and eventual collapse of North Mindeavor in 1085 CE, approximately ten thousand people set out to find new land, in a group known later as the Pioneers of Rain.

Story Appearances

Organized chronologically. Contains spoilers!
  • Pioneers of Rain: At the end of the series. After Joseph Elduron's expedition south in search of land to be settled, the Pioneers discover a giant sprawling plain, with quick access to a giant river, the ocean, and the forest not far behind. They begin to build what eventually becomes Ke'ena Kapu.
  • The Untold: The entirety of the storyline takes place within Ke'ena Kapu.
  • Creatures of the Void: