Kaltstoar is a small continent south of Marvel, it consists almost entirely of Ice Plains, Ice Plains spikes, Cold Taiga, and Frozen biomes. The continent has only a few human settlements, and it's only recent interaction with the rest of Minecraftia was when refugees fled there from Marvel to escape The Legions of the Nether, which they predicted would be at a disadvantage in the freezing cold.

The natives of Kaltstoar, the Kalteskjur, rely on Kaltstoar Axes in favor of swords, and often dual-wield them in combat. The Kalteskjur also make use of longboats (viking ships) to get between islands, which they often deconstruct for building supplies upon reaching their destinations.

The Legions of the Nether eventually invaded Kaltstoar, killing many Kalteskjur before being destroyed by them, leaving many of the Kalteskjur cities to be abandoned.

The only legendary weapon to be discovered in Kaltstoar so far is The Brass Fists.

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