Juan In-Game

Juan, as he appears In-Game

Juan is a traveling librarian/reasercher/scholor from Minecraftia, and a character form Mailjesuru's "Sandstone Creepers".


Juan resembles a tanish-skinned steve skin, with his part on the left side of his hair instead of the center. He wears a long-sleved white shirt, and brownish grey pants,with brown shoes.


Juan is highly intelligent, and tends to be non-confrontational. He is very knowlageable on many subjects, includeing myths and legends. He carries with him a journal that he writes in frequently. He also tends to be very paranoid.




  • A book and quill (He uses as a journal.)
  • Several books.
  • Several enchanted books.
  • Milk



  • Juan is based on the hispanic/arabic looking minecraft skin from the Minecon Banners.
  • He takes the place of Alex from Marble Hornets.

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