Jordan Glass is a character in OutKookDrive's fanfiction trilogy, "The Wielder Chronicles". He is a minor character in the second book, as Nya's university friend. Later on he becomes more important, being part of the group that is fighting against Herobrine.


Herobrine's Revenge:


Take Back the Night

Physical description

Jordan was described by Nya as "really handsome." He has dark hair brushed to the side, and forest green eyes. He also wears a wolf tooth pendant around his neck.

Once he is possessed by Herobrine, he becomes more fit, seeing how he has to control Army forces. However, he doesn't show any other changes in his physical looks, which he uses to his advantage so his friends would think he was normal. He does wear a cyan shirt and purple pants though, at the end of the last book. (possibly to remind Lillian of her brother's legacy).