16 years old James Hoskins is the main protagonist of the fanon story Stranded - A Minecraft Story made by VTHERO.
James Hoskins

James Hoskins

James is seen with his blue jacket, and sometimes with his blue cap aswell. He is fairly intelligent, and uses this more than just trying to fight more and get hurt, he adores stealthiness. He loves and is a little protective of her sister, Amy, but sometimes teases her.

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He is adventerous and needs a little more than scary to scare him. He loves his horse, Brownies which he tamed and he rides him everywhere. He is pretty energetic and active, but can be relaxed when he wants to. As seen in the last 2 chapters of the first set, he is like a normal teenager. However what will come next in the next set of chapters?


  • He has brown eyes
  • His name was inspired from James Blunt and Bob Hoskins