Jack the Rifter
Jack the Rifter is a villain from Mailjesuru's upcoming RPG/ARG Hexxit Let's Play series.


Jack the Rifter is a Greifer at large in minecraftia. His M.O. is killing and mutilating animals, humans, and villagers, and taking heads as a trophy. He is considered very dangerous, as he wields a Rift Blade, which can potentially "crash" reality.


He is very sadistic, as he seems to feel a compulsive need to harm other living things, especially ones that can't defend themselves. Why this is, noone knows.


Durring a raid on his hometown, his house was burned down, killing his whole family. He would have died too, but in his final moments, a figure with glowing white eyes  appeared before him, and offered him a new life. Jack accepted, at the cost of his sanity. He woke up with no recollection of who he was, but with a strange urge to kill, and a rift blade. He stayed in his old ruined house, until he had killed everyone in the village. He then set out to look for more victims.


He allegedly wears a dark heavy black coat and wears a pumpkin on his head, and wields a Rift Blade .


He wields an Rift Blade. It gives him the ability to "rip" into pocket dimensions and back.


  • He is named after the famous serial killer, Jack The Ripper.
  • He is a planned villain form Mailjesuru's planned RPG/ARG Hexxit Let's Play youtube series.
  • He is also inspired by the character of Matt Helms from the game "No More Heros".