Jack was a teenage boy living alone in Minecraftia. One day, he was exploring a cave to look for ore when he saw a part of the tunnel collapsed, revealing a new path. Interested, he found an altar of sorts. On the altar was The Amulet of Shadows, which granted him immense power but at the cost of being slowly driven insane by The Voice in the Darkness, a strange entity housed inside the Amulet that whispered to him inside his head.

Relations to Destruction Of Minecraftia

Jack used to live in oak town but left after he realized that he was a danger to everyone around him. He managed to get away before he got too unstable. Eventually, his personality was forced to the back of his mind after he refused to cooperate with The Voice in the Darkness. The reason he managed to stay in control as long as he did was the Voice was exerting itself also influencing the nether army, as well as trying to control Jack. Once the army was out of the portal, the Voice could focus on taking over Jack. After the destruction of Oak Town, Jack was quickly controlled by the Voice. Jack's personality is not gone, but was forced to the corner of his mind, and can only watch. He has very limited self-control, as seen in The Battle of Vestian City.