This is a fake OS and the codenames is ordened for numerical ids and data values for flowers


Codename: Dandelion

ig stands for IronGolem


+ Mobile Gui

+ Poppies (Parody of Google Play Store)


+ Minecraft from the fake versions page available

+ Clock Widjet (Minecraft Style)


+ Removed ig- at the number version start

+ Bug fixes

+ New apps:Chat (Like in minecraft), Players (Parody of contacts) and Web screen (Like on web screen mod a web browser)


+ New menu to find Poppy easily

+ Camera and Dialer

+ File Explorer Codenamed Chest


+ Support for battery

+ Search, maps and dialer

Version Release

Codename: Poppy

It's ok to add more features and versions on this page -EinsteinBlllllllllll 02:21, August 19, 2015 (UTC)

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