Were here to forge a new era, we are the inquisition and we shall forge a new world!
Inquisitors' Court motto

The Icon of the Inquisitors' Court

The Inquisitors' Court is a group of writers who like to add stories and lore to this Wikia. They also like to work together and hang out, as they are here to forge this Wikia into a great and wonderful Wikia as well as having fun. They exist to tell the complex, interwoven lore of Minecraft fanon and forge a new era of the Wikia.

Judgment Levels


  1. Inquisitors are to sign up in the comment thread created by GOTHICDEATH.

Follow all rules of this judgment, and you will be accepted as an Inquisitor.


  1. The Inquisitors Court is a Court of good and kind warriors who act nice to others. Constructive criticism is the wisest tool of an Inquisitor. If you find errors in a story or think the writing could be improved, tell why. Hate comments are not allowed.

Follow all rules of this judgment, and you will be worthy as an Inquisitor.


  1. Edit, edit, edit. Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, lore mismatches, threadbare stories. All of these can be remedied, by you! Edit the pages! Make each page shine brightly like its own diamond of the wikia!

Follow all rules of this judgment, and you will be strong as an Inquisitor.


  1. Get Skype and/or TeamSpeak. The Inquisitors must communicate to each other, and public message walls will not do the trick.
  2. Create pages. Need reference points? Are there characters that need persona-pages? Make the page!

Follow all rules of this judgment, and you will shine as an Inquisitor.

Members of the Inquisitors' Court

If you are a member and add yourself to this list, give a short persona. Who are you? Who is your character? Make a character page if needed!


Rank: Grand Master Inquisitor

GOTHICDEATH is known as the Master of the Inquisitors Court, hes known to form Orders to destory heretics and renegades. however this past histroy is rarely known by most.


Rank: Lord Inquisitor

SadGhoster87 is a soldier from the Far Lands. He wears upon himself the armor of a Far Lander, and masks his face with a bandanna and golden goggles. He is a redstone and command block engineer with no limit to his imagination.

He improves villages he comes across, and builds complex forts to go to across worlds.


Rank: Inquisitor

LLR, more commonly known as LJS, is a warrior who plays in the ancient life-death game SkyWars. Despite playing in SkyWars, he is a kind player who helps build Minecraftian towns, and is a writer.

Notable Written Stories

Angels of Death

Bleak Crusaders

Grey Wolves

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