Ignavus (translates to Craven from Latin) is the Minecraftian God of debauchery, confusion, and frivolity. They rule and domain over the darker natures of man, such as lust, sin, sloth, gluttony, and greed. They are seen as the patron deity of Griefers and statues of Ignavus are often constructed with a bottle of wine or brew in their hand, and a flint & steel in the other.


Ignavus came into being when the deity, Notch, disregarded him during the Cataclysm, a universal disaster relating to the emergence of Minecraftia today. Notch was infected with a taint of the dark being, and was forced to banish the force of death. The force was split in half. Those two parts, Igna and Vus, sprang out fully formed and immediately conjured into a powerful, evil being, and was known as Ignavus.

Ignavus enjoys playing pranks on others, one such example being able to summon active TNT onto an unsuspecting home. He also delights in cursing others, often causing seafarers to lose their navigational instincts. Although a joker, Ignavus prefers to drag Minecraftians down to sinful lifestyles by means of temptation and humiliation.