Hybrids are a unique Minecraft species; they are a cross of humans and monsters.


The Hybrids came about a century before the events of the Hybrid Chronicles, when a human fell in love with a monster - a violation of sacred law. The human was promptly outcasted from his village, so he went to live with his beloved.

This triggered many other forbidden romances, to the point where a law was passed that any humans in love with monsters were to be executed on sight. Many rebels ran away to live out in the wild, causing great hostility between the government and those apart of the rebellion.

Villages quickly began to fall apart, their inhabitants begging to be saved. Eventually, the Department of Pure-Blooded Sense was formed. Known as the Corrupted by rebels, those apart of this branch of government hunted down any rebels and viciously murdered or apprehended them. Minecraftia quickly fell apart, residents started getting paranoid, resistances popped up every which way, and the ruler Crafte resigned.

Meanwhile, hidden away in an uninhabited corner of the planet, those marriages had children. These children were half-human and half-monster. And one day, they'd be the one to permanently close off the hole Minecraftia has dug itself into.


Hybrids look as interesting as they are. Their right side is fully human, whilst their left side shows their monster blood. Keep in mind that height and width will not affect the child - if they are half-enderman, they will still have the same body build as their human parent.

Another interesting thing to note about hybrids is hair and eyes. Hair from the human side will not stop growing on the monster side - there will still be hair on their left side. Eyes will not be affected - a zombie-hybrid will have their human parents' eyes on both sides. However, eye colors may change. One eye may be green, the other brown.

Creeper hybrids are special cases - they have both arms, but lack the ability to use their left creeper arm due to one their parents lacking arms at all.


Being half-human, half-monster, hybrids have unique abilities and inherited genes from both parents. Research shows that the special blood type of the hybrids - 4-D - allows them other, unusual abilities, such as usage of Elemental Amulets being even more powerful.

Notable Hybrids

  • Lauren - Human-Enderman hybrid.