Steve (Steve's Adventure)


Humans (or Steves) are a special mob in Orangecraft which roams hot/warm biomes and mostly villages.


Humans spawn in hot/warm biomes and villages.

They have many types

Type Chance
Steve 5%
Herobrine 99%
Maid 10%
Miner 10%
Pigman 25% (Only spawns in Warm Biomes)

Area Chance Item
Village 30% Pickaxe, Emerald
Warm Biomes 40% Pickaxe, Shovel, Sword
Hot Biomes 60% Shovel, Dead Bush
Cold Biomes 90% Pickaxe, Shovel, Snowball
Material Chance Tool/Weapon
Wood 25% Tools and Weapons
Stone 45% Tools and Weapons
Iron 65% Tools and Weapons
Gold 65% Tools and Weapons
Diamond 85% Tools and Weapons
Ruby 95% Tools and Weapons
Sapphire 95% Tools and Weapons
Excalibur+ 99% Sword


Humans can be used to gain resources quicker, they will hold any type of item if they wanted and they allways pick up items. Humans mostly mine stone.

If you attack the human, he will attack you back.

He has the same amount of hearts as the player and does the same damage.

They always drop what they wield.


Baby Humans are little humans that can only be Steve, Maid or Miner without /summon or hacking, baby humans will only wield wood/stone tools (not sword) and will play tag (like baby villagers) on accasions.

They drop nothing expect from Seeds, Wooden/Stone Tools.


Mod Version Notes
Indev 0.1 Human Mob added, only had one type. (Steve)
Indev 0.2 Human Mob types added, including Herobrine, Maid, Pigman and Miner.
Indev 0.2 Snapshot A Human Mobs can now be babies, rarely mates with Maids. Herobrine does NOT mate though. If a Pigman mates, a Baby Pig will come out. (Baby Mob will have a different type, Pigman and Herobrine cannot be a baby without /summon)
Indev 0.2 Snapshot A Human Mobs can now be infected by Zombies, turning them into Zombies.
Indev 0.3 Another Mob was added simlar to the Human, Tonic the Hedgefox. Also added Spawn Egg colors instead of white, the color is tan with blue spots.


Only Human standing - Kill a Human

Mine, not yours. - Take a Human's loot

YOU CHILD ABUSER! - Kill a Baby Human