Herobrine 2 : Revenge
Directed by : Unknown
Release Date : March 12, 2014
Filming : August 2013 - December 2013
Herobrine 2, Revenge, is a minecraft movie that is the sequel to the 2011 movie "Herobrine, The Untold Story." This movie will premiere 3 years after the first movie in 2014. It will also feature the same characters from the first movie. Filming began on August 14, 2013 in Boston,Massachusetts and will last until about December 15, 2013, just 10 days before Christmas, the movie is then scheduled to premiere on March 12, 2014.


Herobrine, the creepypasta from Minecraft returns and this time is much more powerful then before, he starts terrorizing the city of Minecraftia like he did before, it is up to the Herobrine catchers to stop him once and for all!

Sequel to:

Herobrine, "The Untold Story," movie from 2011.

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