• Note: This page is for the character named "Herobrine" from a planned "Hexxit Lets Play" RPG/ARG series by Mailjesuru. For  the characte
    The Herobrine

    The Herobrine

    r that he is based off of, go here: Herobrine

Herobrine, also known as "HIM: is a mysterious entity, who's goals and motives are unknown.


Herobrine appears as a spectral miner , albeit with longer red hair (the color of enther brick), no beard, paler skin, and a paler shirt color (and longer sleves), and darker pants color.


Herobrine is a mysterious entity. He appears to stalk people, just following them, watching. People he is being stalked by tend to notice odd things such as 2x2 tunnels lined with redstone torches, random redstone torches lying around, pyramids built randomly, and trees with all the leves removed. Eventually, Herobrine begins setting fires, stealing items from the player, setting off explosions, and causing lightning to strike.

It is rumored that Herobrine can grant wishes submitted to him by building a shrine. However, if the person who summons him doesn't have a wish on their hearts, Herobrine instead claims the soul of his victims. Those he steals the souls of are forced to serve him for all eternity.  Herobrine tends to leave behind redstone torches/small pyramids as a reminder to his victims of the sins they've committed.

List of Behaviors

  • Randomly places signs with creepy messages.
  • Randomly place torches around victims.
  • Sounds of footsteps and creepy noises play randomly.
  • Steals from chests and inventories.
  • Targets people who are alone, and is more active at night.
  • builds pyramids.
  • builds TNT traps.
  • Spawns a random amount of bats when he spawns.
  • Destroys torches near players.
  • Creates rings of fire.
  • Creates graves.
  • Rearranges chests.
  • Gives people books with custom messages.
  • Cause random explosions or lightning.
  • Destroys chests and drop their contents.
  • Randomly sets people on fire.


Next ot nothing is known about who or what he is. He is phisically simmilar to the Specteral Miners, and it is belived he was alive once, back durring the first civilizations existence. However, this is unconfirmed.



  • This version of Herobrine is inspired by The Joker from Persona2:Innocent Sin. 
  • He is also inspired by Slender Man form the Original Mythos .
  • He is also slightly inspired by the original myths.
  • His behaviors are based on this plugin for bukkit.
  • He has red hair because the nether is red.
  • The reason he looks different in this universe is because its going to be done on Hexxit, and that has Spectral Miners, and so I needed a distinct look for herobrine, to separate him from the rest of the spectral miners.