From the creators of Creeper Game a new game called Herobrine´s revenge


Steve went on an adventure to the nether where he finds a strange mansion owned by Herobrine.

Steve enters and discovers a chest with all the things Herobrine stole from Steve. Steve takes everything and destroys Herobrine´s Mansion by putting TNT everywhere.

When Herobrine arrives, he sees all his house destroyed he decides to get revenge of Steve.

He makes an army of every mob in Minecraft and defeats Notch to take control of Minecraft.

Steve has to survive and stop Herobrine of finishing Herobrinecraft.

In the end, Steve beats Herobrine at Herobrine Castle and puts Minecraft back to normal and saves the world once again.

Herobrine goes to prison and escapes one year later affirming to be a sequel.






Ender Dragon - Steve

Wither - Herobrine

Notch - Herobrine

Herobrine - Steve