Hell-fire is a item in Orangecraft you can use to make tools, swords and armor. This item is found when Water and Lava turns into Cobblestone or Obsidian (not stone) and will drop the item Hell-fire.

Hell Fire

Block of Hell-Fire

Hell-Fire Blocks can be found in the Nether, mostly around Lava. When mined it will drop 0-2 Magma Cream and 4 Hell-Fire. You can craft a Hell-Fire Block with 4 Hell-Fire.

Hell-Fire Tools


The Pickaxe is stronger than Gold but weaker than Diamond, has 1001 uses and will mine Netherrack in a instant.


The Shovel is the same as the pickaxe, with 975 uses and will mine Soul Sand in a instant.


The Axe is a bad thing to use in the Overworld, it will set trees on fire! But will drop 4 Wooden Planks from each log you break.


There is a Hoe, but it only turns Water into Obsidian or Cobblestone.

Hell-Fire Weapons

Hell Fire Armor and Horse Armor

The Hell-Fire (Horse) Armor is stronger than Gold, weaker than Diamond, but will be able to swim in lava, if a Horse wears Hell-Fire Horse Armor, the horse can walk on lava!

Hell Fire Sword

The Hell Fire Sword is stronger than Gold, but weaker than Diamond, will set ANY mob or tree on fire. Has 1122 Uses.


Version Name Description
Indev 0.2 Added Hell-Fire
Indev 0.4 Right-clicking Hell-Fire Blocks with Lapiz Lazliu will turn it into Dark Fire. (Blue Fire)

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