Harvey Dent, the District Admin.

Harvey Dent was the Distric Admin of Gothacraft, and an ally of The "Bat-Man" and Comissioner Gordon . After he was scarred by a poision potion, he becomae apsychotic griefer, hell-bent on revenge.

Not to be confused with Harvey Kent, a smilliar character also created by Mailjesuru.


Harvey Dent was an upstanding citizen of Gothacraft, and the District Admin, in charge of prosecuting griefers. He belived that he could help clean up the city, and get rid of the griefers. He always carried arround his lucky Coin of Fortune.

After the icnident, his personality was fractured. He became a revenge-driven griefer, seeking to destory all griefers, and The Bat-Man.


Harvey looks like a normal human in a suit, with a red tie, and blonde hair/beard. After the incident, his face is scarred in a simmialr way to a zombie pigman, and his suit is a mix of balck and grey, with a two-colored tie, and a two-colored tunic underneath.


Revolver/Hunter's Handgun

Harvey carries with him a revolver and a hunetrs handgun, with two difefrent types of ammo.

Coin of Fortune

His lucky coin of fortune, scarred on one side. He uses it to make decisions.

Golden/Diamond Sword

Harvey has two swords: One golden, One diamond.


  • He is based on Harevy Dent from Batman.


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