Witch Hunter Harvey Kent

Harvey Kent

This is the story of Harvey Kent. It takes place during Aftermath Minecraftia.

Prologue: The "Greatest" Witch Hunter Ever

One day, in the city of Mineu, there lived a witch hunter named Harvey Kent. He was known as the greatest witch hunter around, and was praised highly for his skills. He would travel far around and search for witches, then he would set up a trial stand on the spot, and have a "trial" for people to watch. One day, he heard the news that there was a witch living in a black forest nearby. Being the greatest witch hunter, he decided that he would go catch this witch, and bring it to justice. So, one night when the witch was sleeping, Harvey and his gang stormed the witch's house, and captured the witch. They set up a trial then and there, to prosecute and execute the witch. But during the "trial", the witch pulled three bottles out of his sleeve, and threw them at Kent. Kent fell, writhing in pain and agony, as his men pursued the witch. Bats began to swarm around, blocking the view of the soldiers. When the bats cleared, the witches house, As a large chunk of the forest, were gone.

Chapter One: The man named Harvey Kent


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