Grenn is a land in the minecraft universe.


In the 1.5 era, John Larson and his son Melvin Larson left their home to find new lands. They found a land where they set camp. After days of being there, John found a native village. They made an alliance and soon Melvin met a native girl that became his wife. In 1.5.7, John built a house in a valley near the native land. For years, they lived. In 1.5.9, Melvin's wife Alyukaitay had a son named Dennis. In 1.6.0, John died. Out of anger, Melvin killed his wife and then the natives. However, he kept some alive to work for him. He then established the nation of Grenn, named after the Grennoki tribe that he had slaughtered. Melvin became a builder along with his son, Dennis. Grenn had grown bigger and bigger. At the age of 70, Melvin passed away. Dennis and his newly born son Dennis Jr. started construction on the famed Golden Bridge of Gold. In 1.6.5 Dennis tamed an intelligent cow know as Gordon. Gordon eventually became the symbol of Grenn, as he was like no other. He could talk, write and build. He was like that because Grennoki's tribe was home to mages that tamed animals and then made them into human like creatures.

More to come...