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Green Dye is a progressive/punk rock band in Minecraftia (though they make other types of songs as well).


Green Dye is a new progressive rock band from Minecraftia. Other than that, not much is known about them.


  • Keirain (Founder)
  • Transitz (Guy who came up with the idea for the first album).


Noob Playing Minecraft

"Noob Playing Minecraft" is an in-progress album by Green Dye. It is a rock opera about a guy's adventures playing Minecraft.

Track Listing:

  • Noob Playing Minecraft (Parody of American Idiot, released on 3/31/2014)
  • TNT (Parody of "Holiday")
  • Mineshaft of Broken Picks (Parody of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams")
  • Are we the miners? (Parody of "Are We The Waiting?")
  • Herobrine (Parody of "Saint Jimmy")
  • He's a Griefer (Parody of "She's a Rebel")
  • Extraordinary World (Parody of "Extraordinary Girl")
  • Serverban (Parody of "Letterbomb")
  • When my ban will end (Parody of "Wake Me Up When September Ends")
  • and more! (TBD)



  • The band's name is a parody of the real-life punk rock band "Green Day".
  • Their first album "Noob Playing Minecraft" is a parody of Green Day's rock opera "American Idiot", but borrows themes and concepts form "21st Century Breakdown" as well.
  • You can find their youtube channel here.