The Gothacraft Moderator Department (GCMD) is in charge of protecting Gothacraft from griefers and such. However, they are highly corrupt, and tend to help griefers more than hunt them.

Comissioner Gordon

Comissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon

Comissioner James "Jim" Gordon is the comissioner of the GCMD, and is one of (or only) the few good moderators left. He has a daughter, Barbra, and a son, James Jr. At first, he is against the "Bat-Man", but eventually learns to trust him.


He is a testifacate with green eyes, glasses, brown hair, and a moustace. He wears a grey villager robe, with dark grey trimming, and a black/yellow checkered botom. He also wears the black/yellow checkered police badge.


  • Revolver
  • Golden Sword

Regular Moderators

Gothamcraft Moderator Huamn

A human moderator

Gothamcraft Moderator Testifacate

A Testifacate Moderator

These guys are the normal moderators for Gothacraft. They have on the standard Moderator uniform: Grey Leather Tunic with a tie, dark grey leatehr trousers, and black leatehr boots. They all have a revolver or hunter's handgun, diamond swords, and a black leatehr helmet with a yelloe stripe in the center.

Moderator Golems


A moderator Golem

Iron Golems in the employ of the GCMD. They tend to acts as security Guards, usually at the Moderator Department, Blackiron Prison, and other such places. They also are used in riot squads.